We Can Never Learn Enough About "Irrigation"

Our irrigation system is now operational. But that doesn't mean the task of garden "watering" can be forgotten. ESPECIALLY WITH YOUNG SEEDLINGS!

Master Gardener, Chery Pytlarz, reminds us that, in our community garden, "proper watering" comes from three sources: Mother Nature, the irrigation system, and hand-watering (as needed). A simple test to check if your soil has sufficient water is to stick your finger in the ground about 4" to determine if it is moist all the way down.

Consider "irrigation" as one of three needed components to successful watering all season long. Here are some irrigation system operating points to remember:

  • All plots and multiple plot units are controlled by ONE water flow valve that is either ON or OFF (no partial ON/OFF). If you share a plot, you'll have to work together
    with your plot-mate
  • Each bed is watered for 90 minutes every other day (subject to change based on feedback).
  • Holes in the flexible drip hoses can face UP or DOWN. Holes should be close to young plants and seed rows.
  • If Mother Nature provides a daily rain total of 1/2" or more, the irrigation system will not water the scheduled zone that evening.

Hand watering will likely be required early in the season to keep soil moist for both seed germination and young seedlings. As summer temperatures rise, supplemental hand watering between scheduled irrigation runs may also be required - hoses are available at three locations in the garden. Use mulch to retain soil moisture.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for assistance. If you know you won't be able to tend your garden for an extended period of time, please ask someone to help monitor its water needs, remove weeds, and harvest ripe produce.