Manitowish Waters Community Garden



GROW! Community Gardeners of Manitowish Waters, Inc. exists to serve a need for those residents that relish the joy of gardening. To ensure everyone has a common understanding of how our garden will operate and what is expected of each gardener and visitor to the garden, we’ve developed the following Garden Rules. The privilege of using these community facilities as a gardener or visitor requires each person abide by the following guidelines:

One plot per household

 Annual garden plot fees must be paid in full before May 1.  Following that date, all unpaid/reserved plots will be released to community residents on the Waiting List. Each gardener must complete and submit a “Release of All Claims” form before any work in the garden can begin.   Once assigned a plot, cultivating and planting must start by June 15. (Additional plots subject to availability)

No unaccompanied children or visitors

Guests and visitors, including children, may enter the Garden when accompanied by a Plot holder. Children should be supervised at all times. The plot holder bears responsibility for the behavior of their guests.

Gardens must be cleaned and well maintained at all times

Plots must be maintained throughout the year. At the end of the growing season, gardeners are responsible for clearing their plot of all plant material and leaving the plot as they found it in the spring. Diseased plants should be removed immediately and disposed of properly in the trash receptacles provided. Do not put diseased plant material in the compost boxes.

No chemicals

Materials that may be harmful to humans or the environment are not allowed within the garden. The application of chemical herbicides (weed killers) or fertilizers to any garden plot is prohibited.

No weeds or grass clippings

Weeds must be under control including in all adjoining pathways. It is your responsibility to remove weeds and maintain the pathways between each plot so gardeners can move freely in the garden. This is a joint effort between plot owners. To prevent accidental introduction of Bermuda grass and other weeds, the use of grass clippings is not allowed within the garden.

Respect garden boundaries

Plots should not be allowed to expand into pathways or other plots. All plants, plant runners, vegetables, and stakes should be kept within the walled boundaries of each plot.  No plant will be allowed to grow more than six feet high.

No contraband substances

Plants considered illegal under State or Federal law are strictly prohibited.

No dogs or pets allowed

Pets or other animals are not allowed within the Garden premises. Please notify a member of the Steering Committee (via if an authorized Service Animal is required by a Plot holder.

Pack out trash

All non-organic refuse brought in must be removed by the gardener, including: plastic bottles, cans, bags, etc.

No undesirable behavior

The use of illegal drugs or playing loud music within the garden is strictly prohibited. The proper authorities will be immediately notified to handle and escort from the Garden premises any person(s) appearing to be impaired or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. All areas within the fenced Garden premises are established as a “smoke free” zone. Loitering on Garden premises is not allowed.

Report vandalism

Vandalism and other damage within the garden should be reported to the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department (715) 479-4441 and to MW Community Garden Steering Committee at (262) 366-3718.

Not responsible for losses

Gardeners accept all risks related to participation within the community garden.  Neither the MW Community Garden nor its Steering Committee are responsible for any loss, damage, costs, or injury suffered by gardeners or visitors associated with participation in the MW Community Garden.

Final decisions

All garden complaints should be written and directed to the Manitowish Waters Community Garden Steering Committee; which reserves the right to render a final decision concerning any dispute related to the Community Garden, community garden rules and/or garden participation

Your compliance with the above regulations will help everyone have an enjoyable and prosperous garden.